Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 20,2010

Hello ladies,
This is my first ever message online. I am sook excited to be part of this community of creative and inspiring women. I have had long nails for 10 yard now, I used to wear the store brand but now do my own Brisa Gel nails. I have loved nails all my life but only recently restarted my affair with my polishes. I am here to give my Canadian view on all things nails. First of all as a Canadian I have to say the selection in my city is down right pitiful. We have a Sally's here but they only carry three full size bottles of polish Orly, China Glaze and Ultra Pro now don't get me wrong I Love China Glaze and Orly. My big complaint is why does the same store in other cities carry way more stuff and selection. I wait anxiously for my pay to come in so I can go shopping for my treat but I am now almost out of new options I have bought all the colors I love. I am going to purchase more but only cause I want to show options for other people who may not have the same or who want an honest Canadian opinion. I welcome any company who wants to have more products in the local stores or who want more Canadian customers to purchase their products. I am stopped every time I leave the house and asked who does my nails cause I never leave home without nail art or Konad designs. I am now typing on my cell phone cause my computer is not letting me log onto Internet so I will be posting more starting next Friday. I just wanted to get started and introduce myself to the nail community and hope to be accepted and learn from the best out there. I love reading your posts I have about 40 I keep in favorites. I hope you will give me th chance to join you all I will have pics up when I get my computer working. If you drop by please leave any comments or drop me an email if you want an opinion on your products I will be fair and honest. Thanks for dropping by talk with you soon. Nicky
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