Friday, August 13, 2010

Konad plate M61

Evening ladies,

Just a quick post showing Color Club What A Shock!
I love the way this color looks when finished.
There is three coats I could use four but it was getting thicker and was taking long time to dry.
This set also has a color intensifying top coat that helps to bring out the color I didn't see a huge difference so that is probably a personal preference to use it or not. I will be trying to
get one color per week done for you all to see how they look. I guess
should have take a before and after I didn't this time but will for
next one if I pick a Konad style to give a good view.
I am still trying to get used to the Konad set do you guys have as hard a time as I do?
I have had them for few months but I got so discouraged by how they were turning out I
stopped all together. I just started again few weeks ago and it's
going little better. I love all the awesome designs you ladies have
posted if you all have any tips please let me know.
I hope you guys have nice weekend my family and I are going to my sister in law for
few days so I will be cut off from the computer world so hopefully I
won't miss too much. Take care everyone and thanks for dropping by.

Must appologize for the quality I don't know why every pic is showing so terrible. I need my good camera but my son has it with him visiting so I am stuck using my Iphone but maybe I should just stick with words till I get it back. I hope by end of next week I will get it back.
Please drop by again soon.

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