Monday, November 22, 2010

Just a Quick word.

Hey Ladies,

How are you? I just wanted to post again for the record in case anyone is wondering or thinking I am putting these scans off as my own.
"I FOUND THIS MAGAZINE DOWNLOADING SITE WHERE I DOWNLOADED THE SCANS SO I COULD SHARE WITH YOU ALL" I only own three of these magazines and my own scans look like crap so when I found this site I was so happy and wanted to share. I am posting these so you can enjoy these scans also. The site clearly states to download here links, and posts the full instructions on how to download the scans. These scans are from another site saying we can download the scans for our enjoyment and for sharing.
I am going to continue to post the scans until I have posted them all. I just keep hoping you all check my older posts to see the site to check for your self if you want or if you need to confirm I am not taking these without permission or something. I really hope you are enjoying these posts. Have a great day.
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