Saturday, December 04, 2010

Hey Ladies!!
 I just found out about an awesome giveaway here is all the details. I just copied it from her blog so I could get all the details correctly.

What can you win?
1 XL Image Plates of your choice.
1 2way Stamp + Scraper.
Click here for the assortment XL Image Plates.
Go check out here for the pic of the prize blogger will not let me upload the pic for you to see. Sorry:(

What do you need to do?

Become a follower of her blog.
Leave a comment with a reason why you want to win.
Leave your e-mail address in a comment.
More chance to win?
Blog about my giveaway with a picture. +3
Put the link of this giveaway in your sidebar. +2
Twitter about this giveaway. +1
Follow her on twitter:

Her Pricing is great. She has Holiday specials going on right now so here is her pricing for this month-

5 plates for €15,-

10 plates for €29,-
15 plates for €43,-
20 plates for €57,-
25 plates for €71,-
30 plates for €85,-
35 plates for €99,-
40 plates for €113,-

After my hubbies nail stuff freeze on Jan 1st I am going shopping La la la la, I can't wait. I think I have gained about 3lbs from the stress of my nail stuff deficiency.LOL. I really went over board the last few months so I am grounded until Jan1st. Then look out Ladies I am going shopping. Woot Woot!!!
I hope you are all doing great. My Hayden had his 7th Bday on Wed He got his WII and Super Smash Bros Brawl video game. He was soooo happy, he was not expecting it at all so it was an awesome surprise.

I still don't have my camera so pics are not possible still. I am not done uploading the magazines yet. I got a few more in the mail also. I am having a hard time scanning them so I thought about ripping the pages out and putting them in plastic holders or something to make scanning easier. I don't do the advertisement pages anyways. That might help make it quicker. I will try later today. The boys are sleeping at grammy's tonight so I will have the computer to myself. I have been needing to make an appointment or use it after bed time my 11 year old son, he's on it more than I am. LOL

Anyways, I wish you all a great weekend. I hope to hear from you again soon. Thanks for dropping by and checking out the pics. I know my blog isn't really about my nails right now but that can't be helped so I hope you will continue to be patient with me and I will try to keep the nail art pics coming from the site I downloaded them from or I hope you are able to locate them also so you can see all the magazines they have available for download. They have tons of different ones, hair, fashion is a big one too. Take care

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