Saturday, April 23, 2011


Good Afternoon Ladies!!
I hope you are all having a nice Easter Weekend?
I wanted to share this KOTD with you. I tried to
get creative but I think this one needs to be fixed
to get full potential of the design. I also wanted to share
I ordered the new Bundle Monster plates. I am sooooooooo
excited. I also ordered more plates from Magnonails.
I have been ordering the P series lately and loving
them. I used the P39,P37 and Konad M65. I
love the tribal looking feel of most of this series,
they sell 10 for 36.99EUR I am not sure if a great
price but the customer service is the best of
the online shops and she always sends them quickly.

I used Quirius Erin Island alternated with Ok is Me. I ended up
ordering two more bottles of each color cuz I am using this
combanation so often. I just love the look of these two.
I can't wait till I get a tan then it will really look nice.
I hope you like'em. I know it isn't perfect, I started with
the feather but it left a large area empty. So I tried to
add a stem on the side but I think I should have taken
away the feather and used two vines instea. I don't know.
I can't ever seem to leave well enough alone....
I wish you all a great Easter Sunday and Holiday Monday
if you are off. I know this week is going to be a very long
one for those of us waiting for our Bundle Monster plates
to come in. I got the reg shipping cuz I had just paid
120.00 for the P series plates so I didn't dare pay more
than I needed to so hubby would not get upset about
my nail spending.
Thank you so much for coming to see me. I hope you will come again!!

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