Saturday, July 09, 2011

KOTD. Leafy Greens

Good Afternoon Ladies!!
I hope you are all sleeping late, being lazy or at least having a
good morning start if you are working today. ^_^
I wanted to share with you my leafy green nails. I love the design.
I was not happy with the color combo. I don't have a big
green selection. I was hoping to do a mix of greens from lightest
to darkest. I used CG Celtic Sun base and I sponged CC The lime starts here,
Chelsea Girl but I should have done it differently I guess.
Anyways, I am still looking for anyone preferable in the US who
may be willing to trade the Mac Quite Cute collection with me???
I am totally OK with sending mine first so you are assured
the swapped products. Most of you probably already have the
Eyeko collection but maybe if you wanted doubles.
I have a few Ciate ones too, I never used them so they
are brand new. I have Models Own Pastels too.

Here is the Leafy Green mani for you to see. I have to
say sorry about my clean up today. My son wanted his cell
now so I was doing a very quick clean up and missed some
spots. I hope you can over look that. LOL.

I am hoping to talk hubby into driving the 30 min to get
my camera. I have been going crazy without it. I have
been driving him crazy complaining about it so I
can get him to go. He he he.
Oh Well, I am going to stay nice today, plus I am trying to
get him to bring me to Sally's they only have two colors of
the Happy Go Lucky collection with no other ones
coming back. I HATE SALLY'S here, they never ever have
any of the new collections, then when they do, they have like 6.
It really sucks... Thank you for coming to see me, I hope to
see you again. Take care!!!

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