Monday, November 14, 2011


Hello Ladies,
I hope you all had a great and relaxing weekend!! If your goal
was to have a busy or work related weekend, then I hope
your weekend went as planned :)
I did my nails, well I do my nails all the time but
I took a pic of my nails to share with you.
I also bought a couple of Revlon polishes Orchid and Gold Coin.
I also wanted to try the new Orly QUO brand
Turquoise Moonlight. It is hard to see how sparkly this one is
with this crappy cell phone pic. I got these at Shoppers Drug Mart.
I have not been able to get any new polishes due to my
promising my hubby that if we got the new Ipad 2 I would
go on a no-buy till Jan. However this is not turning out to be
possible. I have made two full months so I am gonna have to
break my promise on Friday when I get paid. I am going
to order something from somewheres I don't even know yet.
My hubby has been wondering why I have been cranky lately.
I think I figured it out today when I was happy all day after getting
just three little beauties to come home. So, if he wants to still
be married by Christmas than he better let me out of our deal.
Or at least not freak when I make a couple orders this weekend. LOL
Do you ladies have that feeling when it's been way too long
since getting some new nail stuff??? I have always tried
to make smaller orders so I can get more stuff coming to me but
when it's been too long I don't know what to get first. I also
really can't go overboard cuz Christmas and my sons Bday on
Dec 1st is coming soon.
Enough of my yapping.
I used many colors for this mani, if you want to know just
leave a comment so I can get them down for you. I stick to my go to
neons mainly from CC and CG.

Take Care Ladies!!
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