Saturday, June 02, 2012

Another Gradient Butterfly KOTD

Hello Ladies,
I hope your weekend is going awesome!! I  have been basically dead on my chair.. lol.. I am just feeling so blah, all day.. I had a shower hoping to snap out of it but just felt more tired and yucky!! 
I had to do another gradient butterfly just to see how pretty it would be in a different color. I keep looking at my hands and just enjoying how pretty they turned out. I LOVE this new plate. I really think if you can't draw a freehand design or a straight line on your nails than this is the plate for you!! When I first say the plate I was like "How would that even work?" I waited until Natalie actually had the plate in hand and used it for me to decide to purchase the plate. I have not gotten over my Lilic's  plates fiasco so I am not up to supporting private ladies trying out their hands at polish or plates anymore. I crossed my fingers and jumped in when I say her beautiful nails done with her Nailz Craze plate. She shipped it out from Israel and it got to me in less than two weeks so I was very impressed again!! 
If you click on Natalie's name above you will be directed to her Facebook link and will see all the details of this plate. Please fill out her form if you are wanting to order this image plate.

Thank you for stopping by!
Take Care of You!!

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