Sunday, October 14, 2012

Come Join Holiday Stomp Seasonal Themed Nail Art

Hello Ladies,

I hope you are having a great weekend!

I just wanted to invite you all to drop by a new Facebook group Holiday Stomp  Holiday Stomp Seasonal Themed Nail Art is a group for All Nail Art Lovers. It is basically a Seasonal Themed group that has weekly challenges based on a current season or holiday. The weekly challenges will be posted for each dated  period. These are suggestions only, each member is able to create a themed mani of her choosing  There is only one rule to WIN the prize. "Participation" That is all. Post a min of 1 pic weekly and you earn 1 entry. Each weekly pic posted by active member gets 1 entry, example 1 pic= 1 entry, 2 pics =  2 entries etc... This Halloween Themed Challenge Prize is only open for US or Canadian active members(future challenges will be open for All active members). 
The weekly challenge is only a portion of what this group will include. This group is a "One Stop Shop for Nail Art Lovers". If you are new to stamping and are looking for help this is a great group for you. This group contains documents that contain
  • Stamping Supplies - listing retailers, customer service, basic start up supplies etc...
  • Stamping Plates - brand, pricing, retailers addresses, quality, 
  • Stamping Polishes - Brands, colors, types, how good it works, where to purchase, 
  • Stamping tips and tricks -  post your fav supplies, techniques, how to's, what not to do, etc...
  • Members Birthday, locations, wish list, likes, dislikes,
  • Starting in Jan a monthly exchange group based on closest locations, this will depend on interest( Like birthday club but for all members) all details would be discussed with interested members
These are just some examples of what our vision for Holiday Stomp to become. There are a lot of groups out there and I know some of you are really busy.. That is why The weekly challenge is only one part of this Nail Art Group. This group is for all of YOU. What do you want in a group? What do you want listed in our group documents? Please drop by and share with us your dream nail art group. This group was created so we can share our love of Nail Art, learn a new nail art technique.. 
I wanted a group that offered more for me. I want to know what stores to avoid, what sales are good, what plates work better, what plates are coming out, what stamping supplies to purchase if just starting to stamp, what polishes work for stamping.
 These are just a few examples of what this group can become. We are all busy, we all have tons of stuff to do but we also need a place to unwind, a place to chat or ask a question about nail art or nail polish. This group is here for You to customize it to fit each of us. 
I want to hear ideas, thoughts, suggestions, recommendations. What list do you want to see? Describe your Ideal Nail Art Group? 

I hope you will come and join us! Share your pics with us. We want to see All your designs.. 

Current Weekly Challenge - "Halloween Themed Manis"
 Sept 24th, 2012 - Oct 31st, 2012 
Winner chosen by random draw Nov 2nd, 2012
Open for US and Canadian active members only(next challenge will be open to All active members) 

Next scheduled challenge is 
"Winter Wonderland" begins Nov 18th, 2012 - Dec 1st, 2012

Thank you for dropping by and I hope you will be joining soon! 
Take Care of You!


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