Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween KOTD Inspired by Kerrie Wine Johnson

Hello Ladies,

I hope you all had a great day!

I seen an awesome Halloween mani posted by Kerrie Wine Johnson the other day. I totally fell in love. Kerrie is truly one of those talented nail artist that the rest of us keep wishing or hoping we may some day become. I am ok when it comes to stamping BUT there are many others who are truly Awesome!! Diana, Kerrie are just a couple of ladies that I follow and have been lucky enough to be in contact with. I always look forward to their newest pics to be posted. 
I hope you will take some time to go check out Kerrie Wine Johnson page to see her nails. 

I tried to copy her latest designs. I was not able to use everything the same as hers. My bigger house from BM would not pickup so I was only able to use the one size house.. I was still pretty happy with my outcome. I know not near as beautiful as hers but I will be wearing these with pride. I hope you enjoy these too and make sure to check out Kerrie's page..

Thank you for dropping by.
Take Care of You!

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