Saturday, November 10, 2012

Amazing Swap With Meann from MyOnline Shop

Hello Ladies,
I hope you all had a wonderful week. 
When I got home on Thurs I found a wonderful package that I had been sitting by my window for about three weeks. It would figure the second I am out of my house it came.. lol
I was just too happy to really complain that it sat here for two days alone. 
I have been shopping from MyOnline Shop for months now. I have become a loyal customer telling anyone who will listen if they are looking for the best Stamping Polishes or the Best Stamping Plates than YOU need to go check out MyOnline Shop. I have been in contact with Meann (owner) for months now. I have literally been driving her nuts with question after question and more questions. Each time I have been giving Great, Patient, Informative Customer Service. Anyone who truly knows me on Facebook knows that I am honest and not shy about my questions or comments. She has always been quick with any reply, shipment and with solutions if there was a problem. 
When I was thinking of asking Meann if she may be willing to swap with me I was a little nervous. This is for sure the Biggest swap I have ever made. I have only made two or three for one item for each swap so this was going to be a big one. Meann lives in the Philippines so I knew that any swap would be a little bit of a wait so there was no point in doing two swaps when one would do. When I contacted Meann with my offer (46 bottles of polishes) I was met with excitement to rival my own. I was so so very happy for what I was getting BUT I am also a giver so when I realized how many polishes that she would be getting in this swap I could not wait to get started. 
I took pics of everything I was sending for her, it ended up being two good sized boxes filled to the top with polishes.. I can't wait for her to get hers too. I had to send mine the slowest possible tho cuz the next level up was $60 each box so it can be about 4-6 weeks which sucks but I was thinking the amount of polishes she is getting will make it worth the wait..
SO, on to my awesome swap. I knew what I was getting already but I was still surprised when I opened the box. I got so much stuff and I was so honored that she was willing to swap with me that I had tears in my eyes cuz I have been having such a crappy month that I have been really down and needed so good news. What did I get?? Do you want to see??? Yes??? Here it is in full color beauty!!!!!

18 Full Sized bottles of her Best Stamping Polishes

18 Gorgeous Full Size bottles together

Her Newest Plates which are  MJ IV, MJV, MJVI, MJVII, MJVIII
 I also got two new stampers from Meann.

So can you see why I was so very touched when I opened her parcel. MyOnline Shop truly offers such a large selection of Original image plates. They carry Stamping Polishes that rival Konad polishes. IMO they surpass Konad for quality, color and opacity. I have been so worried that I would run out of the stamping polishes I had already ordered from them but now I know I am good for a while now.. lol.. But you know me, I am still going to have to keep purchasing some every couple of months to ensure I never ever run out. 

I want to say the Biggest THANK YOU MEANN!!!! for doing this awesome swap with me. I am now counting down the days till you get yours. I know it sucks cuz I think your shipping option was better than mine but I really wanted to send all the bottles for you so I refused to take any polishes out and go smaller...LOL... 

Ladies if you Love to stamp like I do than please go check out Meann at MyOnline Shop Here. Get lots of stamping polishes and some plates. The pricing and service will make you a loyal customer too. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Thanks for dropping by.
Take Care of You!


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