Friday, July 05, 2013

NEON KOTD New Camera Pics

Hello Ladies,

Hoping you are doing awesome! I have been gone again for awhile but now I am back. I finally have my new camera too! I am so having to learn about how to use it and the settings, I have it on the basic settings for now trying to get used to it. I was so disapointed when I finally had it in my hands. I always thought that because it was digital it was a normal camera where you look on the screen and shoot. BUT apparently it did not. lol. I had only heard it was a great camera, I didn't know anyone with one so I was a little sad. I am also not used to using the eye thingy for taking my pics. It also makes taking close pics an issue. I think I have a macro lens cuz it has a little flower pic on the lens itself but the clerk at the store that I got it didn't know. If u do know how to see if I do have a macro lens please feel free to share. I tried to see online for suggestions but I don't know which numbers to look at or compare to see if I do have a macro lens. Thank you for any help you can give :)

I have been taking lots of pics but they aren't very forgiving so I am not left with many that I am ok with sharing. I know there will be a learning curve but I feel that you all have put up with crappy pics for long enough. lol

Here are some pics that I made and liked. The last images I wasn't really happy with but I am also sharing my fails in this nail journey so hoping you enjoy the better pics.. 

Thank you for stopping by.
Take care of You!!
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