Wednesday, August 04, 2010

New Computer Program Windows Live Writer

Good Morning Ladies!
I am trying to see what this new computer can do. I am finally able to log into my Blog. I was doing everything from my Iphone so it was not easy. I was only able to see one section at a time so it was very hard to change settings or see if there was any errors. I have never had a Blog so I am so new to this; I am trying. I know it’s mostly learn as I go type situation but there is sooo much stuff to do. I am having fun.
I am also trying this new program the Windows Live Writer now supposedly it’s easy and customizable but this is my first try. I like it cause it has lots of buttons, settings and extras. I don’t know what they do but I keep on trying different things. I also keep trying to change the background on my blog. I see how you ladies have cool settings or pictures. I just wanted to make a note to please be patient with my posts while I get the hang of it.
I am also hoping to get some good pics in now that I have the new camera and computer it should be very simple, right?? I am optimistic! He He.

Well I just wanted to try this new Writer out and see if there is a difference between the two programs. I will be back again soon. If you ladies have any tips or tricks you want to share it would be appreciated.
Thank you for dropping by and please come again. Have a nice night!

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