Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday September 25,2010

Quick Post,

Hey ladies,
I just had to post one more tiny post today. I am so lucky. My husband of 15 years went out to get a small fry for my 6 year old cuz our 11 year old is at his friends house. He comes back with 3 bottles of polish including an Essie bottle for 1.00. I just got done telling him I really needed a white polish and he comes back with 2 and one very pretty sparkly Sally Hansen Blue. The best surprise of all a 50.00 Master Card gift card for the 6 Konad plates I wanted from but couldn't get cuz I wanted my order from also. I am sooo lucky. I also need to sign something stating that as of this day I am not to go shopping online anymore. I am able to get polish remover as needed and one visit to Sally's if I am good. I love him. He is soooo cute when he puts his foot down(I really hate it when I must step on it LOL). I also am doing my nails with my new Orly's and wow they cover so good. I only needed 2 little coats for the Snowcone and the Lollipop ones they are so awesome. I will be posting later with my new mani. I just needed to give b BIG shout out to my MAN. I love you Hon.
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