Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday September 25,2010

Hey Ladies,

How is your weekend going so far? Mine is good. I have pretty new polishes, I reached my 100 Followers(YEY!!!!) and I have a nice husband who got up early to get us breakfast. He is going back to bed but at least he went for us. I did choose a color last night for my nails. It's so hard when you have new polishes  pick just one for your mani. I picked CC Take me to your Chateau and I used the CC Where's the Soiree? I was happy with the black it worked good. It's not as dark as the Konad black polish but it is still very noticeable so it's getting the job done. I was also able to get my new order in last night. I am soooo happy for that too. I totally missed out with my order. I have wanted to get the CG 2030 for like 3 months now and I kept seeing you all use it in your posts with the stamping and it looks sooooo amazing. I couldn't find it at anywheres so I assumed I was out of luck when I didn't find it at either. I went to that website like 10 times and I looked at each page, polish and everything else. Then yesterday while looking again for the 20th time bottom of the very first page right before the last set of polishes there BAM Khrome polishes 2030, Hi-Tek, and I think the rest of that collection. DUH!! I keep telling myself and my husband that it just got there so that is why I never found it at that site. If you know for a fact it was there the whole time you don't need to tell me.LOL. Just Teasing. I know it was probably there the whole friggin time. I guess I was just so excited about all the other polishes I just missed it. Oh well I will have it some day next week so I guess it will have to do. I am really going to need to take a small break from getting more polishes. I had promised my hubby last week that was my last purchase till Nov. It didn't work out so I am really going to try this time. I promise again.
I also asked my mom if she would make me some kind of nail polish case or box or something. My cabinet is getting pretty full so I need a place to put all my stuff. I like having the nail art stuff in the roll away drawers I have them in now but the polishes can go on a shelf or something. My mom is like a carpenter lady she has every electronic tool for making anything at all so she is all set. My boys are 6 and 11 so they are at that I want to build something stage but she didn't really know what they could do as a project right now so I volunteered a great idea. I need a case for my polishes, they can make and also decorated them for my bday present or Christmas. My eldest son loves to do graffiti. He is always doing letters on his homework or books or any papers I have laying around the computer desk so my mom had bought some spray paint last summer and they didn't use them all so I was thinking that would make awesome designs for my shelves.
I guess I have been talking way too much so I will say thanks for dropping by and also a BIG Thank you for helping to get me to my 100 Followers and I appreciate all of you who are coming to see my blog. I love reading all yours so I hope my pics are nice to see also. I am also asking my hubby for a new camera for my bday but that isn't till Dec so I hope if I stop getting my polishes for month I can get the camera early. He says I have spent enough money to get 5 cameras by now so. I hope you all have a great weekend and when I do my nails again I will show you my next pretty color.

Base-CC Take me to your Chateau
Stamping- CC Where's the Soiree?
Konad plate 65
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