Friday, October 01, 2010

Friday October 1st,2010

Hey Ladies,

Just a quick post about the mini haul I got today. I got these from they are so great and fast. I ordered again on Sunday and it's in today 4 days wow. I still don't have the stuff I ordered from on the 20th of September. What is up with that?? I have gotten two different orders but not the original one. It was a $50 order so I am kind of anxious to get my stuff. I also put another order on the 27th, but now I am thinking maybe I should have waited for my first one to come before ordering anything else. Do any of you order from often?? I hope it comes in soon. I hate waiting for new stuff. Anyways this is what I got today
CG-Empowerment, Millennium, Sci-Fi, 2030 and Essie Merino Cool

Have great day!

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