Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pink & Blue Konad

Hey Ladies how is your weekend going? I hope you are all having a great one! I am posting another Konad design. This one isn't black and white though so I hope you don't mind. This one is just pretty, I have done one very similar already this one here I went a little lower for the tips.
For base colors I used: Color Club Take me to your chateau, Orly Lollipop.
Stamping: Color Club Where's the soiree mixed with Konad black polish.
Plates:BM19, M3.

I feel mixed emotions for this coming Monday. Here in Canada it's a holiday so there is no school which means sleeping in day, yey! But also means no mail movement so, boo hoo!:( I am so anxious to get my deliveries. I figured out I am waiting for 8 different orders to come in at this time.,,, (three sellers), and My order from Ciate has been sitting there since Tues not doing anything it's been paid for and showing complete but nothing. I sent like 2 messages and got a reply of sorry can't look into that now let you know later. I don't like that kind of service considering my two orders cost 80.00 Canadian so for a first time customer I am not so happy. I was also trying to get a pretty polish from a company that only took cc payment from US residents so I sent an email to the owner to ask what can Canadian customers do? She answered for me to give her my cc information. I don't know this person, I don't know who has access to my cc information but I thought well, I heard she was nice from another blogger so I tried it. I wanted 2 bottles of one color only because she sells a certain type of product so this polish was the only color that I liked. I was told would be 7.00 for shipping so about 18.00US for two bottles which I was fine with. I was told will do. That was Friday. On Monday when no emails with charges to my cc, I sent an email is this going out today? My husband was little miffed that I gave our cc information to a stranger in an email. I was told very rudely" You just gave me your information Friday I will send this out today. It's now Sunday 9 days later and I still don't have that charge, I don't have a confirmation email saying it was sent out nothing. I didn't want to ask a question again cuz this lady is kind of pissy. I am a VERY direct person. I expect the same from anyone I deal with. If your say your going to do something than just do it, if you don't want to or you can't for 9 days, than just say so. I am a big girl I can take it but don't tell me yes I can do it will do it today and not do a f^%$ing thing. I will not be getting anything from this company, I will not be giving her company a good review, I will not however say this company's name she is getting a free pass. Why? Because I am a nice person and  she did give good service to another blogger but so far only that one blogger has used her products and posted about it as of yet. This company has lost this customer and could have made more customers had her service been better. I am sorry to vent but I am a VERY good customer. I have spent almost 500.00 in the past 3 months on nail stuff. This may not be allot to some people but considering we have one income for a family of 4 this is a lot of money for nail crap as my husband calls it(rest assured he is corrected very sternly this isn't crap)but if some retailers don't want my money I have lots of others who do. I spend a lot of money on nail stuff, I don't buy makeup or clothes or spend it on hairspray so I spend it on NAILS.
I just needed to get that off my chest as a consumer. I will just have to keep on getting my awesome stuff from the retailers that do rock so far. I love, and I will let you know about the rest of my orders when the come in. Anyways I am sorry for rambling on. I hope you will drop in again. I will be back with another black and white design later this week and hopefully with my new hauls also(if they can ever get to my door). Thank you for dropping by! Have great week ahead.
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