Friday, October 08, 2010

Konad White, Black and Red

Hey ladies I hope you all had a nice week. I just wanted to post this to show my pretty mani. I used a few plates M65 for roses, M78,M71,M59,M39,M77. I used L'oreal white tips, Orly liquid vinyl, red polish is a sally girl brand. For stamping I used Konad white, Color Club Where's the soiree? and China Glaze Millennium for roses.

I loved the prettiness of these designs. I could not decide which to use so I just did a mix of little bit of everything. I know I said black and white but I thought the red gave a little bit something special, don't you think? These are before cleanup so may be messy. Sorry.

I am excited to do my next mani, I am not sure what but I am going to try and keep within the black and white theme. I have no children till Sunday night so I am just going to be doing nails and tv yey. I usually start missing them by Sunday morning but I always manage until they get home. It's nice not needing to give a warning to everyone that mommy is doing her nails please ask daddy if you need anything. I took pics but I know it's not very clear but you can still see the image. I also confirmed online my Eyeko order has cleared customs and is in Quebec so I should get my polishes on Tues or Wed cuz Monday is holiday here. The kids are very happy they are enjoying 5 days in a row including the weekend off so. I hope to be posting my next mani if it looks good.
I am sort of worried though cuz since my giveaway ended I only have one new follower in 8 days. I was hopping my awesome personality was what was getting you all to drop in.He he he. Teasing. Really though I hope you are still dropping in to see my nails. I hope to have all my polishes soon. My order left yesterday so I won't see that for two weeks yet. My Ciate order still isn't doing anything. It's been showing complete since Tues, so I don't get what is taking so long. I hope they get it going soon. I don't know how much more waiting I can stand.LOL.
Anyways I hope you all have a great weekend and happy polishing. Thank you for dropping by and giving my blog a glance.
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