Monday, November 01, 2010

Small haul

Sinful Colors - Snow Me White, Jasmine Jazz, Pink Forever, Fiji, Crystalling, Dream On, Irish Green


LA Colors - Wired, Static Electricity, Summertime, Transformer, Shock, Atomic

LA Girl Metal - Grahite, LA Girl Matte - Matte Pink, LA Girl Disco - Hustle, Phenomenon, LA Girl Matte - Matte Plum, LA Girl - Hyper, LA Girl Disco - Groovy

Ciate - Fade to Greige, Ditch the Heals, Talent Scout, Headliner, Access all areas, Holiday Blues, Main Stage, Fun Faire

I hope to be back to posting reg again. I should not have any issues with my Internet anymore so I hope you will drop in again and give me another try.

I hope to hear from you and I have like 1000 posts or so in my Google reader so I am going to be busy catching up for while. Have a great day!!

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