Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Stamping Plates are Here!!

October 13, 2010

Hey ladies,

How is your day going? Mine was going good till I went to check the mail. I went to open the door and seen this HUGE ASS WASP!! I don't go outside in summer due to physical and mental fear of bees, hornets, wasps or any flying insect that is out there. I have been trying to go outside to park and pools for the boys but besides that I don't go out in summer. My hubby was sleeping so I decided to wait him out, almost 2.5 hrs people that f&^*&^er stayed sitting there. I hit the window, threw stuff at the window everything and it just stayed there. My neighbours were finally outside so I knocked at my door for him to come kill it for me so I could check my mail. He killed it good YEY!!! When I finally got to check my mail I was soooo happy my stamping plates from HK were in, YEY!!!! I danced around a lot. This is such a good week for the mail man. I also got my set of 5 dotting tools which I only had one so that will be good to have around.
I have already done my nails two times today. First time I couldn't take a pic my phone wasn't staying turned on so I gave up. I did this one before supper.
Base - Orly (favorite brand) Lollipop, Snowcone, Lemonade.
Stamping is -China Glaze(other fav brand)Millinium, 2030 and color Club Where's the soiree mixed with Konad black polish. The China Glaze is kind of hard to see in pics but show up good in person. If you can't see good it's my cow jumping over the moon with stars. He he he. I would have put the cat and spoon but only found the cat and not enough room for them. lol.

I am just dropping in to say hi and show you my moon and cow. I hope you will come in again. Have a great night.
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