Friday, December 31, 2010


Happy New Year Ladies!!!

I want to wish you and your families a great New Years Weekend. I also wanted to post about the ELF site. I have never been to this site before today so I don't know if 1.00 per bottle of nail polish is the regular price or not so if it's not usually 1.00 per bottle it is today. I didn't know what the pricing is normally but just in case this is a good price I didn't want anyone to miss out on the great deal. I got a bunch but due to the fact I live in Canada I got charged another 8.00 + 6.95 for shipping. So it would have been an even better deal had they only charged me the reg fee or even the higher fee but they charged me both. Oh well. A dollar for a good bottle of polish is still great either way, right?? I also got some more at

My hubby and I didn't get each other stuff for Christmas this year so I get to do some shopping today and some more when some new stamping plates come in at Shirley's site. I can't wait. I think I am driving her crazy with my bi-weekly emails asking if the new plates are in yet!! Have you seen her new plates coming in WOW!!! These are by far the very best looking plates I have ever seen. I can't wait to get my hands on them. I told her to make sure she ordered lots cuz when you see them you are going to get them...

Anyways I just wanted to take some time to wish you all a SAFE and HAPPY Holidays this weekend. I also want to give a big thank you to those who take the time to come here and check out what is new. I am keeping fingers crossed for my camera. There is just so many other things I need also. What to pick first????

Take care, have a great weekend. Hope to hear from you in the New Year.

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