Friday, January 07, 2011

Finally a pic of my own nails!

Hey Ladies,

I hope you are all well? I am happy to have found a cell phone that actually takes decent pics, in good lighting only, but still. I took a pic this morning and sure enough it actually is clear as any camera would make it, so I am very happy. I have missed allot of pretty manis. I also have been shopping before the holidays so I have lots of new plates to use and colors too.

I will make this a short and sweet post. Here is my Konadicure for today.

I used Konad M51, I alternated nail color CG Agent Lavender, CG Re-Fresh Mint. This is before clean up.

I hope you will drop by again to see what is new.
Thank you all for being patient with me also. I am happy to be able to capture my nails again, YEY!!!

Have a great day!!
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