Monday, December 13, 2010

Nail Max 10-06

Hey Ladies,
As always I found these scans at and there is also tons more magazines or other people offering the free downloads of the magazines. I am only posting them for all to see, I am not taking any credit someone else did all the scanning work. It clearly says how and where to go to get the magazine downloads for all to get them. I am just posting here for anyone to enjoy. I hope you will continue to drop in, I still am camera disabled so I still can't post any new pics so I am trying to post something for you to see. After Christmas I hope to get some money together for a camera so I can get back to posting.
On another note I got a new email from Shirley from Shirley's Nail Art and Water Decals letting me know she sent my order on Saturday so I am counting down the days till I get my new plates.YEY!!! I am soooo excited to get the new series I have never tried the A series yet so I can't wait. After my nail spending band I am getting more so Dec 31 early morning as soon as my pay hits my bank, I am going shopping baby. Woot Woot!!!

Thank you for dropping in to visit I hope you will drop in again. I will not be posting again till the new year I am doing the Christmas thingy with family and stuff so I am wishing you all a Merry Christmas, A Happy New Year, And Happy Holidays to all. I hope you all have a safe holiday.

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