Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Real Crappy Customer Service

Hey all I hope you all had a great Holiday!!

This is a rant about crappy customer service I got from Daniel at ocnailart.com

I had read from a fellow blogger about the special 30% off coupon code that http://www.ocnailart.com/ was giving to those who sent an email. I sent my first email on 16th Dec to the email given this is
1st message: Hello I am a fellow nail blogger and I read this post from Konad-licious! site. I would love to get a coupon code so I can go shopping. Is this coupon code good until Dec 31st as posted? I am waiting until the 31st to go shopping due to most of anything I would order before Christmas would most likely not get here till then. I just wanted to confirm this coupon is for use until the Dec 31st. Thank you
Happy Holidays!!
Nicole Horsman

I waited for a reply, I never got one. I kept checking my junk mail, email any folder in case I missed any, NO REPLY. I then sent another email on Dec 22nd
This is 2nd email:Hello this is the second email for the 30% off code as per the nail blog I follow. The blog says to send you a request for the secret code for 30% off order till Dec 31 but when I sent this email almost week ago I didn't get a code to make my order. Can I have a code for the 30% off discount please??? I want to make an order by the Dec 31 deadline. Thank you

This is the first reply I got from Daniel at ocnailart.com
Sorry Nicole.
We have not received any previous email from you.
Here is a coupon. This is for a one time use and should not be posted on a blog.
Thank you,

I tried to use my code today only to be told that this code already used cannot use it again. WHAT??? I didn't even go to this website so how did I use it??? Magic I guess. SO I sent another email 3 by this time all for me the customer to purchase from them the business who I thought wanted another customer but I guess they are making soooo much money they don't need or want another customer.
 When I sent the 3rd email saying as much this is the reply I got from Daniel:

It is possible you got a code that had already been used. But since your so unimpressed we won't bother sending you a new code.

Daniel :-)

Do you think this is a good customer service? DO you think this is how a business who sells nail art supplies to a customer should talk to a customer? I think not!!!

I will not get any of your products from http://www.ocnailart.com/ ever .I will continue to purchase with http://www.wowsocool.com/ who always gives me great customer service, who step up to the plate when an error is made, who has always made me feel like an important customer even when making a small order. To all of you who keep saying that http://www.ocnailart.com/ is a great place to shop I am sorry but I haven't got this crappy customer service in a long time and I will not even shop at that store and I will continue to tell anyone this story. Daniel doesn't want or need new customers so please do not bother to send your email for your 30% off coupon code they don't want to give the discount and they really don't want new customers so you must not bother them. We would not want to make them busier than they already are right?? http://www.wowsocool.com/ is better equipped to handle your business and they always give great customer service and quick delivery. I don't even mind paying full price.

I am a very good nail art customer Daniel from http://www.ocnailart.com/ I spend on average 150.00$ each and every month on nail art stuff so I will gladly spend that money at another online store who want my money. Have a great day Sir.

I just wanted to clear the air. I am a good customer, I am a loyal customer. I expect to be treated with respect and honesty. I think that we all deserve to be given great customer service when we are spending our money. We can go anywheres to get our stuff right? So what makes your favorite shopping places stick out? Why do you shop at your favorite stores? what do you do when given crappy customer service? Do you quietly walk away unsatisfied or do stand up and say HEY I deserve to be treated better!!! I would love to know what you all think.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to hear from you about your crappy customer service stories. I think that as a paying customer we should be treated better.
This has been my opinion only. I know some of you had good experience with this company which is why I was going to spend all of my Christmas money on new stuff but after my emails from Daniel from this store I will spend my money at www.wowsocool.com instead as should all of you who would be new customers cuz according to Daniel they don't need new customers.

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