Friday, January 07, 2011

Another Nail Mani

Hey all how are you?
This mani I can't decide if I like or not. First I loved the top part and middle finger but I have a problem with leaving well enough alone. I love the Konad french mani design but then I feel the bottom is too naked or something. So I end up adding a smaller design to help take up the bare space but I shot this one right down.
I used M54 and M63 That I got on Tuesday and CC Take me to your chateau and Yachty Yadda that was delivered today. I love the way these two go well together. I think the pretty blue goes with any my pinks.
Well just wanted to post my new color and new plate. Do you agree that the pic quality is way better than my Iphone? I have the Acer Liquid S100 phone, it doesn't have a flash but if there is a good light it seems to come out much clearer than my others posted. I just can't bring myself to spend the money on a new camera when I want many nail polish and stamping supplies. I am still waiting on the new custom made plates from Shirley, I have left her alone for this week but look out I am going to beg for an update(just teasing I am not really bothering her that much, I do send a little friendly note for updates).LOL. I am just sooo impressed with her designs it's unreal. I am getting 20 as soon as they come in. I have already warned my hubby I am getting my favorite 20 this month and the rest at a later date. I also am waiting for the new plate from Delaney I picked the E plate cuz I loved the various flowers available. I am driving my mail man crazy though, I think I scared him a little waiting a the door today.LOL. Oh well Canada Post should know not to make women wait for the item of our obsession right???
Anyways sorry I am rambling on again. Thank you for dropping by I hope to you will come again. Take care.


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