Saturday, January 08, 2011

Kotd Sat

Hey again. I could not keep my nails alone today. I used Konad Plate M63 Nubar Oh Baby Pink!, CG White Out and Rimmel Grey Matter and CC Wheres the Soiree with Konad Black added for a darker stamp.

The Konad plate I got from before the holidays. I love this store. They are very quick with the shipping, they always send me two or three emails one to confirm my order, one for shipping date and another to confirm shipment. I have been in contact with the customer service and I was treated with respect and a genuine friendliness. I had a big problem with Daniel from during the big "Send us an email for a 30% Discount offer" I sent one email didn't even get a response, about 8 days later sent another email politely asking again for the coupon code and was told no you didn't send us an email here is your code. When I tried to use my secret code at checkout it said my code was already used!!! WHAT I never even went to your site how can my secret code have been used. So I sent a Third email saying that I wasn't happy with the service I got, that this was my third email and this is the reply I got from
 Daniel on Dec 28,2010
It is possible you got a code that had already been used. But since your so unimpressed we won't bother sending you a new code.

Daniel :-)

So instead of just saying sorry here is your new code he sends me this to a brand new customer who spent 171.00 last week on nail stamping, nail polish alone. My normal monthly total is around 250.00 or so. I spend 65.00 just on plates at I am ordering the two new ones next week on next payday so. To all of you thinking of going to ocnailart. DON"T Daniel makes enough money and he doesn't want any new or repeat business so go to instead they want customers and they are treated well.
Have a nice day ladies. This is my experience a consumer, If this happened to someone else I would want to know so I could make an informed decision about where to spend my money.

I hope to see you again. Have a great day.

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