Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sunday Jan 9,2010

Hey ladies,

Having a nice weekend?? I hope so. I just wanted to post my nails for today.

Do you mix your Konad polish with a favorite black to get a darker polish while conserving the Konad polish, I used one full bottle of the Konad polish in almost three months mixing it with two full bottles of the CC Where's the soiree?.
I really like that it stamps really dark and it makes twice as much Polish. I had bought four bottles of the CC Where's the soiree and three bottles of Konad black polish. I have only used one bottle of the Konad Polish in three months.
Do you mix your Konad with other polishes to save money? I have heard some use eye shadow or something but I haven't tried that one yet.

Konad M51 and BM21, Used CC She's so glam and alternated with CG Bahamian Escape I used CC Where's the soiree mixed with Konad polish for stamping.

I didn't clean very well before I took this pic, I was trying to catch the light in kitchen. I am sorry about the mess in back ground too.
I know I just used pink and blue but this is my fall too colors when I want to do my nails but can't seem to pick a color, I wonder if having this many polishes or image plates is better or worse for making decisions.

On to a totally different topic.
I also wondered if anyone wanted to possibly discuss a swap with me. A few months ago I had gotten whole bunch of the octagon image plates from ebay and since then have gotten a bunch more. I have a lot of them I never use, some still in the bag. I have taken off the clear shield some didn't even have them but I have always used a credit card and lately have used the plastic scraper that came with my last stamper. I am looking for nail polish in exchange for the plates. I live in Canada so I don't have any kind of nail polish that would be of interest to anyone anyways but I don't have access to the polishes you ladies have. I know my plates are not worth the same but I was thinking like two or three plates for one bottle or something, I am NOT asking for like Channel or the 6.00 or higher price range.
I am really really wanting the HOT TOPIC ones I found they go for 2.99 I think. I would really prefer someone in USA or Canada due to shipping charges are way more. If you may be interested I would love if you could email me so we could chat.
I have 25 octagon ones and 11 Bundle Monster ones I don't use and most have never been used. I can give the numbers of all the plates so you would be aware of which ones I have if you  are looking for a specific plate or if you also bought some on ebay and don't want doubles. I am open to offers or discussions. Please let me know my email is
The real reason is my hubby keeps saying why do you need more you have hundreds but I keep telling him I don't use them all. I figure if I get rid of the ones I don't use then I can get more.LOL. Plus if I get some polishes for it all the better so it's not just money given away right?? I also will accept the swatched polishes. So think about it let me know if you are interested. I am here. Thanks for dropping in. I can also take pics and send them in an email for you to see and if possible maybe you could do the same.
Have a great night ladies, I hope to hear from you soon.

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