Friday, January 21, 2011

Hey Ladies, how are you??
I hope you all had a great week? Mine was pretty boring only one delivery. I ordered more yesterday so I am hoping end of next week or early the next I will get few things. I hate waiting for my new stuff, it is the hardest thing. I know the items can't get here within a day or two but I am always looking for the mailman anyways. My hubby and now my 11 year old son make fun of me all the time now. I ordered these from they have lots to pick from and they all look gorgeous, but the problem is that  none look like the pics online. I was looking forward to some pretty pinks and few violets but it looks like a bunch of brownish or burgundyish colors which is fine but I would not have ordered so many if I knew they were all similar. 

I just wanted to drop in and say Hi and wish you all a great weekend. I hope to post again later this week. My phone is having a problem sending emails so I can't send my pics of my manis and the memory card won't read for me to save the ones I do take so my phone sucks. I will be bringing that in this weekend if it stops storming long enough.

Thank you for dropping by I hope you will drop in again. Have a great day!!


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