Thursday, February 17, 2011

Finally A New Post!!!

Hi Ladies,

I hope you are all very good!! I have been trying very hard to get some pics taken but I haven't been able to get them posted. I was able to take some but I could not send as an email. I got so many new things this past month and I have been soooo excited to share but describing what I got is not as much fun for you all. I finally was able to get a few pics for a post. I am hoping I can continue to use my sons cell phone until a later date.

On to my great news!! I finally got my Nail Station set up in my living room. My mom was getting a new computer desk so she offered the old one for my nails and I jumped at the opportunity to get this huge desk home.
I am so happy to have all my nail stuff in one organized area, I can reach everything I could possibly need, I don't have to carry all my supplies to my living room table so I can do my nails. I also got the seven drawer shelving unit in Dec so I could put all my polishes in same area.

Here is the Nail Station with the seven tier drawers.
I just wanted to name what you are seeing here. The pink and metal case under desk is some of my Calligraphy items.
Top left hand corner is my Konad stamping Case.Photo album beside it is all my stamping plates. I think you know the rest of what is showing.

Behind the cabinet door is my favorite item of all. I finally got my 36 Watts UV Gel Light. MY GOD. I have been doing my own Brisa Gel nails since last Feb with a 9 Watt bulb. Let me tell you!!!What a pain in the butt that has been. I was only able to do like two fingers at a time, each coat 3-5 mins. I hated doing them. I got to the point I only did the nails that needed it. I was scared at first cuz I got it 
at This was my first ever order so I was nervous. I was also very hesitant to get this pink beauty cuz it was such an awesome price. I paid 82.00 CND at Sally's for my 9 Watts so my husband was like"Ya right!!!". I crossed my fingers and made my order. I was pleasantly surprised with the shipping fees. You also earn points with your purchase for a discounted rate for your order. I assumed for next time but during the checkout process I was given the choice to use now, so I saved $1.83 off my total order. I paid in full $38.99 including shipping. I really wasn't expecting much. I was hoping but I have had BAD experience with cheaper items. I was figuring on two - three weeks for delivery from Hong Kong, but I got an email with a tracking number for Fed-Ex WOW Delivery in 8 business days. I was soooo happy. I did a few nails that afternoon and was doing that little dance we all do when we get excited about a new polish or stamping plate or makeup for some of you. I was excited to make another order on Feb 5 I assumed same options I am ordering the Pink Nail Drill with the extra bits and once again I was discounted $1.60 and offered shipping for less than $2.00. This time total was $24.99 but that was as good as it got. I was expecting the same email with my tracking details cuz I chose the same shipping option as last time, no email. I am not patient so I sent an enquiry as to why no tracking number yet and I was replied "We shipped your parcel already, expect it in 14 to 28 days.WHAT????? I am french but not dumb, I know how to read, add and click off options. I asked why was my shipping sent differently than my last order even though the shpping options and fees where the exact same???? I was told nope. You chose this kind. It takes up to 28 days. There is no tracking number. WOW......So I figured out what happend. They ship the first order with a good shipping company to get the customer's approval and coming back for more. LOL. I really don't care actually, my problem was only that I picked the same option, the same money, the same everything. Anyways...... Sorry to ramble on like this. Long story short I am still waiting for my pink drill which will be matching my pink UV light. He he...
XL Nail stamping over Nubar,

 Sorry it's sideways. I swear I saved it normal!!
This has all of my polishes (current count at 240), Brisa Gels,Acrylic paints and all the brushes I need.

XL Stamping Plates B and A

Nubar, Grey and White with Konad M65

Well I know this post was all over the place but I was happy that I finally get to post something. I have a few more things I would like to share, I will be back hopefully on Friday.
Thank you for dropping in to see me. I hope you have a great day!!!

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