Friday, March 25, 2011

Another Mani and New XL plate

Hello ladies,
I was able to load a few pics that I could not upload earlier today.
I know this mani isn't great but I like to show the different ones.
I have a quick question for the ones that sent me many
comments saying how my nails were the ugliest ever posted,
that I sucked at doing my own gel fills and other nasty things
that I am sure you all know about.
Do you all think that my fills this time are looking better?
If you didn't notice that they were not the best than please
disregard this question. For those who noticed and are too
polite to insult me, do you notice a small improvement?
I spent way more time this week trying to fix my nails and I
wondered what you thought. PLEASE don't feel the need to
be cruel or mean, I am looking for honest opinions but
not a free for all to try and make me cry.LOL. I am just
teasing.LOL. It takes way more than some anonymous nasty
comments to make me cry.
I just wondered if you could even tell the difference at all?
I know I am not good by any means but I am learning, I only
get to practice on my own nails like once a month so it is taking
a long time to get better. Anyways, here is a few pics.
My new XL Plate.

Sorry but I have one more tiny question. Do you know what my
camera setting should be, besides macro so I can post a bigger size
pic when I post it here. I keep trying to make it bigger but it just
gets so blurry that I have to keep it small, any suggestions??
I also wanted to mention again I am on the look out for any nail blogs.
I have compiled a list from my Google Reader and I have been
sending out emails to introduce  myself and my blog. I am trying to
reach all of the blogs I have listed. About 600 or so it is taking a while.
Thanks for dropping in and I hope you will come again. Have a great night!!
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