Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So So Happy!!!

 I have gotten some responses to my Nail Blog Search. YEY!!
I love being in touch with other Nail Bloggers. 
I could not believe that right now in my Google Reader
I currently have about 704 Nail Blogs. I haven't counted how many
Nail Blogs are actually listed on my blog, I don't know if there is a maximum
amount that will actually show. There is way too many to count.
If you do drop in to see my Blog list I hope you are able to find new to you
Nail Blogs for your collection.
Some of the ones listed are outdated, but I hate getting rid of them.
I like to read older posts or check out the same nail art that
 I already saw or a nail polish swatch that I forgot the color too. I just like
to have access to lots of Nail information. 
I am obsessed with my Google Reader, I check it like 15 times a day. 
It is easier to keep all of my Nail Blogs in order 
and I can see how many new posts are available.

The only thing I hate with Google Reader is some posts
do not have the full post so then I have to click and go to the blog. 
Over all though I love it, plus if you have a cell phone it is so much easier to 
read and keep up with all of the Nail Blogs in one spot.

Anyways, I hope you will continue to leave a comment 
or send me an email anytime nhorsman@live.com with 
your Nail Link so I can visit or add you to my list if you aren't already 
listed. I am very proud of my Nail Blog list. Almost all except very few 
are Nail Blogs only. Thank you all for dropping by!! I can't wait to check 
all the Nails out!! Have a great day!!
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