Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Hello Ladies,
I just want to take a min to say "Welcome" to all
my new followers!!
I also wanted to share my new camera pics with you.
I know hope you enjoy or can see the pics much better.
I also can see it also shows the dry cuticle area, scratches,
and lots of other defects.
I used the new BM plates. These are tons of fun to play with!!
I hope you enjoy also. I know these pics are the same
as many Ladies here in the nail kingdom, I know
I am kind of copying but not really these designs are the
same for all of us so it's hard not to have the same design.
If it is the same as yours it was not intentional, please
let me know I do not want to upset anyone.
I can't name each blog that I seen this pattern used.
Please let me know if this is too close to yours,
credit will be gladly given to YOU!!!

I know you can see the background, I have my light box
made I just need a lamp for it. I just wanted to
show my new pics. I hope you like it!!!
Have a great day!!!
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