Thursday, June 30, 2011

KOTD Leopard Gradient

Happy Thursday Ladies,

I hope you are all having an awesome day!!
I just got back from the mall to get my boys their
grading presents(expensive!!) and I was able to
get a pretty summer dress so I can wear my
beautiful new heels. I have never ever in my life
had a more comfortable pair of heels.
I could not get over that fact. I know sometimes when you
put the heels on they feel OK, they aren't killing your feet,
but when you wear them to work after the first hour or so
they aren't so comfy anymore. That is how it is for me at least.
I am really a sneakers and flat sandals kind of girl. I
love a good pair of heels though.
Anyways, my point. I have gained so much weight that
I didn't have anything to wear them with so I finally
bought a nice summer dress to wear with them. YEY!!!!
On to the nails well I have seen this around many, many
blogs so for me to give the correct credit for who started is
really impossible. If you do know the original person who started
this gradient leopard design, please let me know so I
can give the proper credit.
I think it turned out nice for my second ever gradient try.
Still crappy pics no camera yet. Apparently she has two weeks
off so now she is gone on second part. I will
get it on July 9th..Fingers Crossed!!

I hope you like it!!!

Two pics are inside with a light, the other is by window.
I loved how this turned out so I hope you do also.
Thank you for coming to see me and I hope you will come back
again soon. I wish you all a great weekend and for the
US ladies Happy Holiday Weekend!!
Take Care ^_^

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