Tuesday, August 02, 2011

New Polishes

Hello Ladies,
I hope you are all doing great!! I have been missing
you all so much. I have been waiting for my brother to
send me a copy of Windows XP so I could re-instal it
to my crap box..... I have not been able to use my computer for
weeks now. I have been keeping up with Google Reader and email
on my son's Ipod. Thank God!!
I have a few pics from weeks ago, a few nail mails that
had come in. 
I am without my camera again, long story.
 Anyways, I did get a few other things
I was very impressed with them. I spent like 170.00 with shipping!!
Hubby, not happy with me at all, nope, nope, nope!!
I got a good working rechargeable drill and my Brisa starter kit.
I got full sizes of all the products that I use for doing my
gel nails, including
a dvd, a book, gel brush so for me it was way worth it.
I also ordered from Beautyjoint and was sort of impressed with them
too. They charged me for 17 bottles of Kleancolor but only sent
me 15, then said "Let us know on your next order so we
can include it."There was no offer to refund the money,
or send out the missing bottles, so that didn't really
impress me.....
Here is some of what came in the mail this last month.

I keep trying to get the pics to load but this is the
fifth time and I can only get three. I have some more Kleancolors
and a  NYX Girls polish.
I love, love my new Sephora polishes. They are just
so beautiful and smooth. I could not get over how
much prettier in person they are.
In the second pic I got the Orly locally from Sally's, the
Sally Hansen Chrome, Sinful Colors, Avon Mirror all
came from A Beautiful Secret. Today I got my other parcel
from A Beautiful Secret that included my first ever
Funky Fingers. I LOVE FUNKY FINGERS!!!!
I have been looking and looking for any place that sold
to them to me with no luck for months. I found
A Beautiful Secret and was extremely happy to find
lots of polishes that I have wanted for a while...
Needless to say, I am a happy camper. They now have a
repeat customer who has no self control, at all. LOL.
Sorry for the long post, I have been away for so long I missed
Ok, almost done. I also was very lucky to wind the bidding on my
MAC Ice Cream Cake from the Quite Cute collection for 4.50 and
the lovely Jessica had the Mischievous Mint @5.00 so
it has been my lucky month. I got the Ice Cream Cake one
last week and OMG!!!!! It was worth it. The only one little, tiny,
mini, issue was the size of the polish. In the pics that I have
been seeing this looked like a normal bottle of polish. It even
said the size of the polish in the description 10ml but it didn't
even occur to me to compare to my polishes here. DUH!!
( Now please do not fall off your chairs laughing at the loser
nail polish lover, who has no clue what a 10ml bottle of polish looks
like) I was just about to purchase the purple bottle for 30.00.
I am soooooooooo glad that I did not. My hubby lets me
get away with my spending large amounts of money on
my nail stuff, BUT, when I spend over 10.00 for one bottle
of polish, it damn well better come with a car.....
He had made that very clear when I had spent 13.50 per bottle for
the Ciate ordeal. NEVER again!!! I am very grateful to Jessica
for having a very resonable pricing. Thank you Jessica!!
I will continue to bide my time until the polish fairy sends me
Little Girl Type(purple one from collection).
I will let you go to sleep now, I am sure you need it after reading
this long and pointless ramble.
I just really wanted to say Hello!! I have missed you all!! I
am glad to be back on my computer!! I will be back to normal
with a camera soon. I will share with you some more of my
nail mail.
Have a great day!!
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