Friday, August 05, 2011

Pretty Skullies KOTD

Hello Ladies,
How is your Friday going so far? I am having an awesome one.
I got my MAC Mischievous Mint from Jessica. YEY!!!!
I did my pretty nails last night and I LOVED how it turned out.
I had seen this kind of gradient on FB, I don't know who had it but I always wanted to try it. If you know who it was please leave a comment so I can give her credit.
It was tiger stripped with the white as base with the gradient colors.
I am very very new to doing gradients so it's not as perfect as I would hope for
but it still looks really pretty. I did the zebra ones on the day
before and was told by many ladies they loved them.
I wanted to share with you my BM Plates story:
I had been having many, many problems with my BM stamping plates.
Mine were not damaged per se, but about 7 plates would just not
stamp. Now, I am not an expert but I can stamp. I have four
types of stampers, I have tons of different polishes that I use
if one isn't working out, I will try until it works and it always does.
 I was very upset. I contacted them and they sent me 
replacements. When I got them, they still would not work right.
I knew the designs worked cuz I kept seeing you all use the very designs
that I could not get a complete stamp. The skulls with cross bones, the
gingerbread man, the snake skin. All of these were posted
many times over by different ladies with full complete designs.
I contacted the same lady that had helped me originally
with a  letter telling her that these were
not working either. I tried totally different polishes, stampers, scrappers
held my breath anything and  everything to get them to do
a complete stamp with no luck. I said I would send them all back
I just wanted to have plates that worked. I wanted a pretty
mani like so many of you all were posting day after day.
I really was thinking she was going to say "Sorry, but we sent you
replacement so either send them all back for refund or make do
with what you have now".
 I was so very impressed, surprised, happy,
satisfied, flabbergasted, etc.......
 When she said she would again send me the replacement plates
at this point I was very hesitant only due to the fact that
what if it would still not work.  I asked if she would be willing
to open the plate, test it out herself before sending them to me.
I explained to her that I just wanted these plates to work. Sending me
new ones that had the same problem, there is no way they will
believe me if there is still a problem with these plates.
Well she said that they might get scratched, I said that is OK, try and
use plastic if you can but I will totally accept them a little scratched.
I just wanted to have a good complete stamp.
It took almost one full month for her to get them sent to me.
She updated me regularly to let me know they were busy,
she was testing them and would send them as soon as she
could. When I  got them, I  ripped them open and was actually expecting
them to do the same friggen thing.
 GUESS WHAT???????
I was finally able to make complete stamps
on my nails. I tried each and every one to make sure and
I was so happy about them all working. I sent her an email
right away to let her know about it.
I had been thanking her every single email cuz I was
so impressed by her attitude, friendliness and her willingness
 to help me. She really didn't need to do any of that but
she did. In all the emails I got though I never got her first name.
I just checked and they are all signed from the BM team.
To the special lady from the BM team. THANK YOU!!
You and your company really went above and beyond
good customer service.
I have never had service like this and I will tell anyone I speak to
about my experience. I will be one of the first in line for
your next set of stamping plates!!!
I hope you are still here to see the final product of the
problem plates.

I wish you all a great weekend!!
I hope to have my camera situation fixed by next Tues.
Until then I just can't help but take a pic cuz I want
to share my pretty nails, even if they come out fuzzy.
Thank you all for coming to see me.


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