Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hello Ladies,
I hope you are all having a wonderful week!!!
I am having a very lazy week....LOL....
I am only doing the bare essentials around the house.
I think sleeping on my couch is starting to affect me.
I haven't been able to sleep in my room for almost month and half now.
I can't stand the heat so I have been sleeping on couch and it sucks.
BIG TIME!!!!! My mother in law is getting a new one so
she has offered us hers, but I don't know when that will
be but I am hoping very, very soon.
On to the good stuff.
I got some pretty polishes from Glamour Secrets at the mall.
I had wanted OPI Garantuan Green Grape for a long
time but never got around to it. I was also able to
get my first Misa.
For my KOTD I used my new OPI and my new Gcocl stamping
plates. I love these new plates. They are so cute.
These are my first ever Gcocl  plates. I always thought they
had really cute designs on some of them, mine did not disappoint.
I used multiple images to try many out. I hope you find this as
cute as I did.

Thank you ladies for coming to see me. I hope to see you
again soon. I wish you all an awesome weekend!!!
Take Care!!!


1 comment:

Kay said...

I like stamps, especially the foot prints. Too cute! Hopefully, you'll get a break from the heat soon.