Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shout out to Carolina and a KOTD

Hello ladies,
I hope you are all keeping warm!! I think we are going to have
our first storm due tomorrow. I love snow so I am not too worried.
Lately every time we are due for snow, everyone freaks out.
I live in the Maritimes so lots of snow has been part of
my whole life.
I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU!!!!Carolina from
She has offered to get my plates from Amazon for me.
I am really excited that she is generous to help me out.
I am sure you all already know her, she has awesome nail art that
I have been reading for long time. She was one of the first nail blogs
I found so I am really grateful that she is willing to help me out.
I also wanted to share my new nails with you.
I hope you like it!!

Thank you for coming to see me.
Have a great day!!

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