Saturday, March 31, 2012


Hello Ladies,
I hope you are having a great weekend so far!! I had to cut my nails in half last night and I actually cried.. lol.. Two of my nails had been really bothering me for a few weeks now but I could not figure out why.. I assumed all the remover from doing my nails two to four times in one day.. I finally realized yesterday that my nails were bending inwards so they were cutting my finger tips!! They were squeezing them to the point of cutting the tips of my fingers so I was loosing circulation. I had to chop off right to the skin of three fingers as a third one was also turning inward. When I had them all cut off within one hour the skin was a normal color and the tips were a normal size again.. I have no clue how on earth my nails were squeezing my fingers to the point of cutting but I will be more careful from now on... 
Here is my new length. I hate it, I am so used to having longer nails I feel so naked without 
I hope that my nails will grow quickly to the normal size. I haven't had nails this short in over 8 years, basically since my youngest was in 
I just wanted to do a mani to see how it looked with stamping.. It looks different to me but some on facebook didn't even notice.. I have posted two one before and one after to show immediately the difference.. 

Thank you for dropping by!!
Take Care!!
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