Monday, May 07, 2012

Neon Gradient KOTD

Hello Again Ladies,
I hope you are still doing good!1 I copied this gradient design from the very best stamping queen I know. Diana. She hasn't posted this mani as of 5pm on Monday afternoon but she had posted it on our facebook group for our weekly challenge. This week was unnatural colored animal stamping. I fell in love right away with hers and told her I was going to be copying this mani as soon as I could get it done. I used all my new polishes from Sally's. 
I am still in love with the colors. These are my go to colors when feeling blue or down cuz it is so bright I just can't help but feel better when I look at them. 
I hope you will take the time to check out Diana's blog. She is really talented as I am sure most of you are familiar with her manis. 

Thank you for dropping by!
Take Care of YOU!
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