Monday, May 07, 2012


Hello Ladies,
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! Mine was good, we had a three day weekend due to my boys having the day off on Friday. That is always a treat.. I still don't sleep in much later tho. My youngest is still up by 7am on the days of no school. On the days of school tho he sleeps in no problem.. Go figure.

I did have one really awesome thing that happend....I got to go to Sally's and get my coveted neon nail polish that I have been drooling over for awhile now. I ended up missing the Finger Paints Lollypop and Gumdrop collection due to my putting it off too long. This time as soon as I seen the Orly Fell the Vibe collection was out and the new Finger Paints neons I went to Sally's as soon as I had money. I had the May $10 off birthday coupon so I was  able to get 2 Glowstick, 2 Beach Cruiser, a Skinny Dip, A Melt Your Popsicle form Orly and Inkblot Blue, Iconic Orange, Warhol Wannabe, 15 Mins of Frame and Pink Perspective you can see them here.. All such beautiful and vibrant colors.

I am posting my awesome mani using these pretties for you to see. Stay Tuned...
Take Care
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