Tuesday, June 19, 2012

First Ever MANGLAZE Polishes

Hello Ladies,
I hope you are all doing awesome!! I am sorry I wasn't able to post at all last week. I was very sick. I am finally able to do my nails and take a few pics. I am not 100% but I will have new MASH Image Plate post on Wed. I am excited cuz I got some new Manglaze polishes that I will be using. YEY!! I have seen so many posts about these polishes but they have always been way out of my price range and they didn't ship to me when I first tried to purchase some. 
I was on their Facebook page and they had a few on sale for $5.99 so not realizing they were the same two on sale but with a different label I ended up getting two of each so now I have lots and lots to do me. lol.
It was not a disappointing experience. I had gotten a few extra dollars so I was able to make another purchase within minutes and was later contacted by Manglaze to inform me of a partial refund of my shipping charges. At the time of my order the shipping was like $12 per order or so. I was very very impressed that a company would take it upon themselves to offer a refund without my asking. They were in the process of adjusting their shipping rates to Canada and have since been changed. I was in contact with Marc a few different times and I have to say that Manglaze has really shot up to the very top of my fav places. I have done a few orders with other companies within mins of each other and I have never been offered a partial refund or reduction on my next order or any type of little extras that companies can do if they want to give a little TLC to a customer. That extra step that Manglaze did for me really shows that customers do matter a great deal to this company and that I will be continuing to shop with them in the future. 
Great Job Manglaze!! And to you Marc for your patience with my emails!!lol..
 Here is a pic of my new babies. 

 Mink Mitten,Mayo,Butt Taco

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Thank you for dropping by! Take Care of You!!

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