Saturday, June 09, 2012

MASH Image Plates 26-50 *Review*

Hello Ladies,
I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!! I have no plans this weekend except to do my nails. I guess that is pretty much the same thing that I do during the week. LOL.
As you have seen previously MASH has come up with their second set of image plates. This 25 piece set is really turning out to be a good quality set.
MASH Image Plates 26-50 have so many design options for all kinds of occasions. The only bad thing about these plates for me, is trying to decide which images to use!! I was not able to get the first set from MASH but when this second set came along and I was able to do a full review I was so excited. MASH plate images are really easy to work with, they are compatible with all of my stampers, which is great. I have had issues with other brands not working with all my stampers. That can be a problem if you only have one type of stamper on hand but I have tried my four stampers with success. 
I wanted to use some of the single images from MASH Image plates 26-50 and I really loved the Zodiac images. I chose to use all of the Zodiac signs and a couple extra that I just thought kind of fit with a mystical theme. The gradient base was finished two days ago so there is a little wear on my nails but I think they really turned out nice. 
MASH Image Plates :MASH-29(Skull)MASH-36(Eye)MASH-44(YingYang)MASH-33&34(Horoscope Symbols)

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*MASH Image Plates 26-50 were provided to me from the company so I could give an honest and sincere review.
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