Sunday, September 23, 2012

Recent Purchases and Two Swaps

Hello Ladies,
Long time since I have been able to post. I hope you are well! I haven't had even a cell phone for any pics. I finally got to borrow my mom's camera but it doesn't take pics very well, at all.. I took like 25 different pics but only 6 or 7 worked. They seem to be cut in half or there is almost half with a huge streak of some sort.. Makes no sense.. I am hoping to get a new camera soon.. I am so broke right now.. But with Dec coming soon(My bday) I am hoping if I don't get nail stuff, hubby may be talked into letting me get my camera before the new year.. It is still a long way off.
My mom's camera is just not going to do it.. I am hoping maybe I was shaking but didn't realize so on Sun I am going to attach to my tripod and see if that works.. 
For now I just wanted to share with you a couple of the pics that did work. I have got a couple new polishes that I got recently. 

China Glaze and Color Club's were purchased from ebay. 

The first two on left is a glow in the dark, HITS from Ninja Polish. Gosh Hero blog sale and Nail Pattern Boldness is so much better, brighter than Floam.

DV8 and 2Nite were from two swaps for a polish and XL plate.

Finally the last pic is of my Stamping Polishes drawer. These are all just for stamping. This is really my fav drawer and I always keep them organized(sort of) I just try and keep brands together or by those who stamp the best. 

I hope you will all continue to have patience with me. I am trying so hard to find a very cheap camera that will work but without a car it makes it so hard to go to second hand shops or pawn shops.. We haven't had ANY public buses for almost three months now.. It is so so stupid.. Cabs can be very expensive so we haven't been going out much.. lol..

Thank you for stopping by.
Take Care of You!


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