Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday September 24,2010

Head2Toe Polish Haul!!

Hey Ladies,
Hope you all had a good week. I was waiting for my order from but it didn't come yesterday I almost cried.LOL. I do not do well with waiting for stuff and patience. I did get it today though.YEY!! The driver was kind of scared to give me my stuff. Really he thought it might be drugs or something but I set him straight Nail Polish, he laughed at me very hard. It was sooooo pretty. I also get to put in one more order today thanks to hubby. I am such a dumb ass, I wanted to get the CG 2030 but I didn't even see it so totally missed it so I was sad today and he said I could get them today so it's like Christmas morning for me. I also am still waiting for the plates from I hope they are quick too. I couldn't get over how quick my polishes got here 4 days that's it.
These are my beauties-
Orly-Snowcone, Lollipop, Lemonade
Color Club-Take me to your Chateau, 3 bottles of Where's the Soiree(I here these are good for stamping)
I see that last one allot in posts and stuff so I am hoping it works well. I haven't tried any yet. I needed to do my fills. That very bad girl who did my last fill sucked so bad I only lasted like 2.5 weeks. I always go the full 4 weeks if done properly so I am not happy. On to better things like the other pretties.

China Glaze- Magical, Devotion, Bohimian Escape, Re-Fresh Mint
Essie- Matte about you, Barbados Blue(this one is shiny, it looked different but I have the Matte about you now so I hope to get the shine out but it might look ok on my nails I guess)

I have been on a creme or matte finish kick for awhile now.
Do you ladies use any of these for stamping? Do you ladies have a preference for your black polish for stamping, I know the black Konad is the best but what is the next best thing? I am wondering I don't like having to get a special polish for stamping. I have like the red, blue, yellow and green Konads but they aren't spectacular. The black and white work but the other colors not so great. Which do you use the most and recommend. I don't have access to allot of your brands. I am in New Brunswick Canada, not Toronto or Montreal. They have way more than I do here so I need to get any of the good stuff online. My Sally's is ok but the selection is crappy. They only carry Orly, CG and a 3rd that I don't usually use so I can't remember the name so. I see the pics from the stores you guys go to and I get soooo jealous. My drug stores only carry minimum too so I don't even have cheapo ones. I wish I could go to US for a day just for the nail stuff. It would be awesome. I love the ones you ladies can get.
I hope you have a great weekend. I will post any new manis I get to do this weekend for sure. I want to try my new polishes tonight once I pick. I hope to make my 100 followers this weekend also.
Thank you for dropping by and I hope you will come again. Please leave any comments I love reading them and I always answer them when I log on. I hope I am following polite blogger rules. I am new so if I am supposed to answer you at by email please let me know. On youtube they just post under the comments so I thougth it was the same here. Please set me straight I don't want to do the wrong thing.

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