Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday September 23,2010

Hey Ladies,
How are you? I hope you are all well. I just wanted to drop in to check in. I also see I am almost to 100 followers only need 9 more.YEY. I am excited. My giveaway will be done next week so I hope you all are remembering to leave comments to let me know you want to be entered. I am also happy cuz today I just checked my UPS tracking information and it says was updated for delivery today. I can't wait I have the first order from Head2Toe coming. I ordered on Sunday and it was shipped out on Monday, if it gets here today wow. That is great service and except for the pricing on the Orly polishes that is going to be my place to shop. TransDesign was also quick but it was 8 business days for delivery. They must be much further than Head2Toe. I will be showing you all my little haul. I am also waiting for my very first eBay purchase.I caved and got 16 plates from HongKong so I don't expect that for awhile but my WowSoCool order I hope will be here soon enough. It is like Christmas when I order stuff, I have such a hard time checking the mail every day even though it's only been two days. I will be back with my haul as soon as I can.
Thank you ladies for dropping by and entering my contest. I hope to hear from you again.
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