Thursday, October 07, 2010

White and Black Konad

Hey Ladies how are you?

 I am going to start a black and white series. I have always loved black and white designs they look so pretty and classy. Even if the pics aren't that spectacular the design always looks awesome. I am going to do as many black and whites as I can all my plates. I need something to occupy my time in between my mommy chores. I am waiting for my Eyeko polishes, my stamping plates and I got the Ciate polishes on Monday. I had seen a few but OMG they are beautiful. On their website I choose 3 colors for 13.50 each after I looked at all the nail polish section, I looked at colors, collections and single sections. Once my 50.00 order was complete I went back to look at the other stuff Well, did you know they also have a Gift section with nail polish sets for like 50% off normal pricing??? I rushed back hoping to cancel my original order and get the 6 full size bottles of the colors I wanted but didn't choose due to my limited budget. This 6 bottle set was 10.00 less than I paid for 3 bottles including shipping. Oh was I ever pissed. Why not have ALL polishes in same spot. I don't want the perfume so I didn't think to look there why would I? Well I will not make that mistake again cuz boy was my hubby really pissed at me. I made such a big fuss about not checking and being stuck with 3 polishes instead of the 6 that I was sulking most of the night till he caved and said I could go and get that order too. So now I have 9 bottles of polishes coming in all of which are beautiful, bright, sexy colors. I can't wait. I have never even heard of this brand till I saw in a post. I could not get over the pricing difference for the very same products. I always just check the nail polish section only, never makeup, perfume or whatever so I never ever think to check out anything else they might sell. I guess that I should be I thought all would be in same category, I learned that they do not. Oh well I got more than planned in the end so I am happy now. Do you ladies do duh mistakes like I did? ?
I will be posting all of my black and whites for you all to see. I hope you will come back and check them out. You can let me know if you like them or not.

This is Orly Liquid Vinyl and L'oreal french tip white.
I used my favorite plate M65 with M67 for the little bow, why do I put the bow I don't know. I like it!!LOL

This is edited with flash in background. I find it's a little easier to see. I can't wait to get a normal camera to take these with. I know I should stop buying the polish for month I could afford the camera but it's just so freakin hard to stop. I never ever shop like this Ever!!

I also wanted to get something off my chest about stuff I have been reading lately. I read a post few days ago about someone needing to get gel nails and she sounded like she was apologizing for getting them. Maybe I misunderstood her message and if I did I want to say I am sorry for the misunderstanding but if I am right I am not sure why she should feel bad at all. Before I had my second child I had long natural nails, they would occasionally break but overall I could fix them or do what I could to baby them till the break would grow out. When I got pregnant with my second child well something happen to my nails cuz they can't grow at all and if they do they bend and break at the actual finger so lots of blood and pain every single time I had a break which was every other day at least. So I got sick of that and got me some gel nails. I have had my Brisa Gel nails for 6 or 7 years now I started during my pregnancy stopped for few months when I had him then started again when I still could not do anything with them. I don't think anyone should have to feel apologetic because we have to get gels so we can enjoy nails too.
 It was just kindof bothering me what I was reading that is all I hope I am not ruffling any feathers here but I feel like gels, acrylics or natural nails are nails and if they are pretty and valued it shouldn't matter what is underneath the polish. My opinion only. Thanks for listening. I hope you will still drop in to see me even though my giveaway is done. LOL Have great day!!!
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