Monday, October 04, 2010

Wow So Cool Haul

Monday October 4,2010

Hey ladies I hope you all had a great weekend!

I am soooo happy I can't stop smiling I was checking the mail every 30 min today until like 3:15 when my son came home and so far nothing. I was getting kind of sad even though I know I am supposed to wait and it really has only been about 2.5 weeks or so but still I can't stand waiting for anything. My husband just came in at like 6:00pm and said "Didn't you check the mail today?" I'm like yes you know I did why? "Well I thought you were waiting for something" he was dangling my TWO parcels over my head. I was sitting at the computer and there is steps beside the desk so I look up and screamed IT"S IN!!! WOW. I swear it's just like Christmas morning every single time I get something in the mail. I tried to get a good pic to show you all but it's so freakin shinny I can not get it right so sorry.
I got two stampers these ones with the wide clear base I love them they work so good. Since I got mine in the Konad G Set I have been doing really well for my stamping so I really find it works way better than the two sided one or the small one. Do you have a preference or one that works better for you or is it all the same? OK Plates I got today are all Konad so M39,M81,M3,M21,M36,M78,M67,M77 and of course S6. I have be dreaming of these plates every single time I see you all using them and how gorgeous they always turn out. I am finally have a collection I am proud of I am ok now I have the BM plates and now with the rest of the Konad ones today I am done unless they come out with new plates I have been able to pick pretty much all the ones I want. I think there is a few designs here and there I want but unless there is two or more pics on one plate I am not bothering to get it. I ordered 16 plates from someone on ebay but they aren't Konad so I don't know what I am getting there so it will be a surprise, a good one I hope but for the 14.00 with shipping I paid it's worth getting them. Just to clarify I am not in any way bragging or saying I am special or anything like that. I know how some people leave mean posts when hauls are listed or when someone talks about their collections.  I live in New Brunswick Canada and we have shit for nail stuff in my city I can only get CG or Orly at my local Sally's. My drug stores have Sally Hansen, and Revlon plus maybe two other brands that I don't even like or remember the name it really is pitiful. I have had to get a credit card just so I can get the cool products like Color Club and Essie, my very first Opi's so I am very grateful for what I have. I don't smoke anymore, my nails were my treat for quitting. I am also a recovering addict so my nails are basically what is keeping my sanity and sobriety. I have found a new passion that will not kill me, well my husband might if he knew exactly how much I actually spend.LOL. Sorry for babbling. I will be trying these babies out tonight. I can't wait to try it. Hope you have great night. thanks for dropping in.

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