Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday KOTD (Fail sort of)

Hello Ladies,
I am so happy!! I never ever thought I would make it to 150
followers but I have today 190 wonderful people who come
to see me! Thank you for dropping in to check out my
new pics. I know how much I enjoy going to all of the ones
who have blogs also!
Here I was trying to make a floral type design but when
I used my new SH Insta Dry shiny blue one it was way too
noticeable. Normally the CG khrome ones are not as visible so it
just gives a nice shine but this one here is right in your face
type so it kind of ruined the rest of the nails. I wanted to
show you all that I did new nails but it didn't turn out so
good. I am going to do them again later. I am kid free till at least 7PM.
I like to just do nothing until then. I like doing my nails
though when they aren't here cuz I get to use the computer
comfy chair, instead of the yucky straight back chair.

Thanks for dropping in and I wish you a lazy and relaxing
Sunday afternoon! I don't know if you all have tomorow
off but if you do I wish you a great holiday Monday also!!

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