Friday, June 17, 2011

I have a question for all lady bloggers!!

Hello Ladies,
I hope you are all having a great week. It is almost done!!
School is almost done....YEY.... I can't wait to sleep in
later than 6:45am....

Ok question time. Do you as a blogger publish all comments?
Do you publish only positive comments or do you publish all or
do you pick which ones you choose to post?
I publish comments that are both. I do not publish a one
time commenter who finally leaves her first comment but
it is an insult in polite wording. Why should I post a comment from
someone who has never even said Hi to me but
now deciedes to leave a negative comment. Then
when I don't post it, sends me another comment but
totally insults me some more. I have posted negative comments
from some ladies who have told me they don't like the
color of polish or the designs or the shape of my nails.
I have posted them why because they have left comments
before not just to try to hurt my feelings but are
giving me constructive criticism. I am ok with that.
But this is my blog, I do this for me, I love having you
here looking at my nails but I don't need to let this blog
become a negative place for me or the ladies who come
here looking to see pretty things. I hope that the
ladies who come here are looking for creativity ideas,
not negative atmosphere. This is my opinion and mine alone.
I am sorry if you disagree or if I loose some followers
due to my honesty or my beliefs but I will always be honest
here and direct. I do not go to a bloggers website
look everday or just one time, never ever leave
so much as a hello only to leave a negative or insulting
comment on her blog. I would never ever be hurtful in
that way to anyone. I want to be treated the same
way I treat the bloggers I follow or read every single day.

I wish you all a great weekend. I hope to see you again.


P.S. I hope to get my camera back on Monday,
 a family member took it for vacation.
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