Sunday, June 19, 2011

So Happy!!!

Good Morning Ladies,

While going to Jean Coutu drug store this morning, I seen a beautiful site!
Kleancolor polish! WOW. I have seen this kind of polish for months now
and I have searched and searched for an online store who sells it.
I did manage to find one place last week but the selection wasn't the best.
Anyways, my point. This drugstore has never had much of a
nail polish collection. I have been telling the sales associate who works
there for months now. She always asks to see my nails. I go every third day
for medication so they all know me by now. Every time she gets
a new color or brand or any nail product related she always lets me
know. This morning while going by the cosmetics desk I seen
Kleancolor sign. I did a little clap(no one around to see) and went over to see
what they had. They have like 12 of the crackle polishes and 7 normal
colors. I was very disappointed I don't like the crackles ones at all.
My opinion only. That is why I never ever bought it or wear it. Apparently
when I did it didn't turn out well at all. As you can all see in my other post.
It was a review so I tried to be positive as much as I could but I don't know
on my third try it still didn't look right. I think it's me not the product though.
My point. They have Kleancolor in stock now, I am hoping they will
keep them and get more different colors.
I still don't have my camera but I am going to list the ones I got anyways...
Pink Lady,Silver,TLC,White,Neon Pink.
They aren't very creative with the names I have to say. But they sure
are pretty. They also had a teeny, tiny 8 bottle display of Essie.
So sorry about no pic but I will as soon as I get my camera back.
I will also be able to share my new nail drill I ordered from that was to be delivered on Friday but
apparently got left at the depot instead of going on the truck..
I also have some devastating news. Canada Post is on STRIKE!!!
As all us Canadian girls are suffering. WHY. I can only order from
companies that use UPS or DHL or Fedex. The postal service isn't even accepting
parcels destined to Canada anymore. I was pretty much crying when
they got locked out. I haven't ordered anything online for almost
one full month. I did get a small order from like two weeks ago, but so small
I refuse to count it. I am in severe withdrawls. Everyday I pray for
health, my kids safety and for the strike to end. Petty hun??? Oh well
I hope they reach a deal soon. I really don't know how long I can hold off on making
any orders. My husband on the other hand is almost doing cartwheels, he is
so happy. All he sees is how much money this is saving him...LOL..
I only hit him twice for this particular statement on Friday....

Thanks for dropping by. Hope to see you again.
Have an awesome week..
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